The Best Websites Builder 2018

The things are changing quite fast in the field of technology and this is the main reason why future website owners are interested in the current trends on the market. They want to know which website builder they should use today. The good news is that there are many great options. But, this abundance of site builders is causing confusion among some users. In order to help our readers, we have created the best websites builder 2018 list. This is the place where you will find all the great options that can help you design and develop the best possible site.


There is no doubt that Wix is the ideal website builder for those who need fast and simple setup. With the help of Wix, you can create distinctive, fully-functional desktop and mobile websites. If needed, users can easily customize their websites whenever they want. But, Wix is probably not a good option for people who need sophisticated eCommerce solutions and those who want to make experiments with the source code.


In case you are running a small business and you need a website for your business, take Jimdo into consideration. This website builder will help you establish a strong online presence. In addition, Jimdo helps people in need of setting up multi-language websites. There is a free version of this tool that you can try at any time. Jimdo also comes with a free SEO tutorial.

Zoho Site Builder

This may not be the fanciest or most used website builder, but it can be useful. Zoho Site Builder was actually created for Zoho CRM users. So, if you are a Zoho CRM user and you need a simple online presence to integrate with your CRM then you are looking at it. Obviously, this is not a good solution for an all-inclusive product suite. The good thing is that you can try a free version of this builder at any time.


Sitelio is slightly different than all the website builders we have mentioned in this blog post. Namely, Sitelio is focused on helping bloggers and those who want to make image galleries which consist of a high number of high-quality images. There are a few downsides of using Sitelio. For example, if you are focused on SEO, you will probably have a difficult time optimizing your website with its help.